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Donna M.Smith
The Truth About Trucking 
- Dunnellon, Florida

"Masters Of Copywriting 2013"
The Interviews

John Carlton

    They call him "the secret weapon". Secret because he has so far avoided the harsh limelight of fame, preferring to let his work do his talking. Weapon, because any marketer lucky enough to hire this brilliant writer will see profits skyrocket.

    John Carlton has been a top freelance advertising copywriter for over 21 years now. Many of his ads are legendary among writers and clients. He brings an edginess and street-savvy to ad writing that actually forces you to read every word.

Dan Kennedy

    Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as a 'millionaire-maker', helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. He has been called the "Professor of Harsh Reality" because he's provocative, irreverent, sarcastic, and tells it like it is in a humorous, but chilling, serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other marketing "guru" does.

    Dan Kennedy's advice can be moved with remarkable ease from one very different field, industry, or profession to another with amazing success. He is a leading consultant in direct marketing, copywriting, Internet strategies, and profit improvement systems.

Joe Vitale

    They call him The World's First Hypnotic Marketer.

    Hypnotic, because the writing style he uses grabs you, sucks you in to it's mesmerizing pull... and forces you to read every word of what lays in front of you.

    Marketer, because he's one of the greatest marketers of all times - consistently writing and implementing record breaking marketing strategies for himself, and his trusted clients.

Joe Sugarman

    joeNobody knows direct response like Joe Sugarman.

    His JS&A mail-order catalogs, and outrageously successful infomercials are required study, having sold over 20 million pairs of his now famous BluBlocker sunglasses worldwide.

    Joe's masterful use of psychological triggers in advertising, combined with his tight, short headlines, and hard-hitting yet educational copy are legendary.

Richard Armstrong

    Richard Armstrong is one of America's top freelance direct mail copywriters and has been one for 25 years, since he won his first Caples Award in 1982 with a promotion for Maserati Automobiles of America.

    In 1986, he followed that with a second Caples Award, plus the Maxwell Sackheim Award for "Best in Show", this time for the Sea Turtle Rescue Fund.

    Since then, he has worked for nearly every major mailer in the country, including Rodale Press, Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine, Smithsonian, Belvoir Media Group, National Review, The New Republic, The Limbaugh Letter, Phillips Publishing, and many others.

Clayton Makepeace   

clayton     They call him the "Master Closer In Print" for his innate ability to transfer the craft of the super salesman to the printed word, multiplying its power a million fold.

    For over 33 years now, Clayton Makepeace has written million dollar controls for Boardroom, Phillips, Rodale, Weiss Research and many other top direct marketing firms.

    Those fortunate enough to forge business relationships with Clayton have seen their marketing strategies fortified, and their sales copy strengthened to the tune of well over a billion dollars throughout the span of his brilliant career.

Yanik Silver

    Just 31 years old, Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic moneymaking web sites... and he's only been online fulltime since 2000!

    He is also a highly sought after speaker, and seminar leader, and is universally respected for his ability to write winning campaigns that repeatedly spin swift fortunes for his partners and clients. Attendees regularly pay up to $4,995 to learn his secrets.

Alan Forrest Smith

    Alan Forrest Smith has quickly built a very strong reputation for himself as an extraordinary copywriter, top-drawer marketing consultant and seminar lecturer.

    He's known for his outstanding ability to create market differentiation for his clients. Those lucky enough to work with Alan routinely fork out $5,000 for a single coaching session and up to $25,000 for a sales letter, due to his proven flair for positioning them as the only viable solution in a carefully defined target market.

Timothy Warnock

    Hidden in the hills of Assisi Italy... a new copywriting samurai is online, silently overthrowing copy controls in his wake. Profit storms follow Tim like a shadow, and even world-class copywriters routinely hire him to deliver results.

    Profits for merchants and affiliates alike are soaring to new levels with Tim's help. Even veteran online affiliate marketers Allan Gardyne ( - who has promoted hundreds of offers over the years, saw his all-time affiliate CR% records conquered by one of Tim's letters.

    (Side note: I had heard some wild stories that one of Tim's letters was producing, so I secretly put him to the test in the real market, by sending some traffic... "Oh My"... the rumors were true... 7.46%!)

Harlan Kilstein

    Hypnotist, NLP practitioner, Golf Coach, Harvard graduate, "COPYWRITER" Harlan Kilstein is the silent stealth weapon behind kilsteinsome of the HOTTEST direct response campaigns on recent record. Faster than a speeding bullet, accurate as a heat seeking missile, and productive as a box car full of TNT, "the Dr's" slamming copy zeros in on your emotional hot buttons and pushes them like crazy!

    His uncanny ability to write covertly persuasive copy that slips under the prospect's sales resistance radar is quickly establishing this brilliant writer as one of the fastest rising young stars in history. Even super savvy marketing giants like Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker, and Stephen Pierce sneak him in through the back door to juice their results, when no one is looking...

John Forde

    Over the past 14 years, John Forde has cranked out countless million dollar controls across the financial, health, and travel industries. He's known mostly for his deeply researched, detail-rich copy, his easy-going style, and for being a quick study. But he credits most of his success to his mentors and models of inspiration, including some of the copywriting illuminati interviewed in this edition.

    John has also organized and run dozens of intense, private copy training "bootcamps" of his own, often for 200 and 300 marketers at a time, in the U.S. and overseas in London, Bonn, Paris, and Warsaw. He's been a leading consultant, especially for products in the publishing and newsletter industry.

David Deutsch


    Here's a rare opportunity to learn from someone who acquired his copywriting skill under the direction of the legendary David Ogilvy.

    That man is none other than David Deutsch, world-renowned freelance copywriter for large publishers such as Boardroom, Phillips, Agora, and KCI, and author of the best selling business creativity system, THINK INSIDE THE BOX!

Mark Joyner

    Mark Joyner is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of Internet Marketing, and is responsible for introducing many of the tactics and technologies you see used on the Internet today.

    His breakthrough ideas and exemplary copywriting skills have been the driving force behind many Top 100 web properties, and have turned his fledgling one-man operation into a multi-million dollar international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country on the planet.

    Recently, Mark sold off his interests, to focus on his writing and philanthropic works.

David Garfinkel


    David Garfinkel is a business mentor and educator, author, speaker and copywriter.

    Former San Francisco Bureau Chief of McGraw-Hill World News, David began studying advertising copywriting to sell his first self-published information product over a decade ago.

    Since then, he has written ads, sales letters and Web sites that have brought in millions of dollars of sales. Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson says, "David Garfinkel is the best copywriter I know."

    Many people also consider David the world's leading teacher of copywriting, because of his unique methods and unusual perspective. 

Bob Bly

    Bob Bly is a freelance copywriter specializing in direct marketing. He earns more than $600,000 a year from his freelance copywriting, and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s.

    A copywriter for more than a quarter of a century, Bob has written promotions for over 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, IBM, Intuit, and AlliedSignal.

    Bob is the author of more than 60 books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Direct Marketing, and The Copywriter's Handbook, and has also appeared as a guest on dozens of TV and radio shows including The Advertising Show, Bernard Meltzer, CNBC, and CBS Hard Copy.

Scott Haines

    Scott Haines is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who's been a "go to guy" for many of the top marketing gurus in the world, such as: Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Robert Allen and others.

    He's sought out, because, it seems he has an unusual knack for creating sales letters and ads that pull in monstrous responses for ultra-expensive products and services. $2,000 information products. $5,000 seminars. $10,000 personal services. I doesn't matter. Scott seems to always find the right "hook" or "angle" to move these goods fast... and... create massive windfall profits for his clients.

Michel Fortin

   For over 15 years now, Michel Fortin has been cranking out explosive sales copy. If you've been browsing the web for any length of time, watching late-night TV infomercials or reading direct marketing offers in the mail, then you've seen his work.

    All told, Michel's highly profitable sales copy has been instrumental in generating well over $50,000,000.00 in sales in close to 200 different industries.

    Michel wrote John Reese's Traffic Secrets salesletter, which sent shockwaves across the Internet as it broke previous sales records selling $1,080,496.37 in just 24 hours. That's over a million dollars in one day!

  Daniel Levis

    In a very short period of time, Daniel Levis has become the marketing mercenary of choice for some of the savviest information product publishers on Earth!

    Since taking on his first external client just 18  months ago, Daniel has raised his copywriting fees 8 times, and his clients now gladly fork out $17,500 plus royalties for a single promotion.

    The reason is simple. Daniel's take-no-prisoners style, and his intensive research into the whys and wherefores of buyer psychology has routinely doubled, tripled, and on several occasions even quadrupled his client's sales and profits!

Drayton Bird

    Drayton Bird is one of the true Godfathers of modern direct response copywriting. He has been a working copywriter for 51 years, eight of which he spent working with and advising the legendary David Ogilvy. 

    Drayton's own books on copywriting and direct marketing have been published in 14 languages... he's lectured in 43 countries... and has consulted with the likes of IBM, Microsoft, P&G, VISA, Ford, Toyota and many other Fortune 100 companies on all 5 continents.

    After more than five decades of writing for a living, Drayton still sits down every day and taps out copy that pulls in millions in revenue!

Jim Punkre 

    Jim Punkre is widely recognized as one of the top copywriters in mail order history.

    His copy for The Doctor's Book Of Home Remedies holds the record for the most mail order books sold, 16 million copies producing more than $400 million in sales for Rodale Publishing.

    Over his award winning career in copywriting, Jim has hauled in more than $5 BILLION in sales for clients such as Time Life Books, U.S. News and World Report, Playboy, Reader's Digest, Prevention, Men's Health, Boardroom Books, Phillips Publishing and a host of others.

Little Known, Under The Radar Copywriting Short Cuts and Hidden Persuasion Principles REVEALED... These Exclusive Interviews, Lessons, and Tutorials Will Quickly Show You...

  • How to harness the power of sub vocalization to develop an immediate and blinding rapport with your prospects.

  • How to "manufacture" a killer USP (Unique Selling Proposition) out of thin air, even if your product is a shameless knock off.

  • How to research any product or market at breakneck speed, pinpointing core buyer beliefs, feelings, and desires, with an almost psychic accuracy.

  • How to brainstorm for that killer hook, virtually guaranteeing your copy jumps off the page to mesmerize anyone with a pulse and the ability to buy your product.

  • How to organize your thoughts into the perfect outline, so your sales letters virtually write themselves... and all of your selling stories, facts, arguments, features, benefits, emotional appeals, premiums, guarantees, and closing sentences reinforce each other for maximum response.

  • How to repeatedly ignite your own internal passion and enthusiasm for what you're selling AT WILL, so it rages rampant throughout your copy, and infects your prospects with the "buy now" bug.

  • How to know when to use a multi-step campaign, or go for the jugular straight away with your advertising.

  • What to watch for when editing, and how to make your copy easy to read and understand.

  • How to make your copy believable. Your own personal conviction is critical, but these subtle secrets will get your readers to drop their defenses completely, and really trust you.

  • The 3 most powerful human motivators of them all, why they work so well, and how to apply them in your copy.

  • Which elements of your ad should you split test first? The headline is a given, but some of the other hot spots these masters zero in on are sure to surprise you.

  • And Much, Much more...

Clayton Makepeace, Frank Irving Fletcher, George Lewis Dyer, Joe Vitale, Bruce Barton, Theo MacManus, John Carlton, James Wallen, Claude C. Hopkins, Alan Forrest Smith,  Richard A. Foley, Scott Haines, J. George Frederick, Timothy Warnock, Kenneth M. Goode, F.R. Feland, Yanik Silver, J.K. Fraser, Daniel Levis, Charles Addison Parker, David Deutsch, Christine Frederick, Jim Punkre, O.A. Owen, Joe Sugarman, Harry E. Cleland, Richard Armstrong , Wilburt E. Nesbitt, Dan S. Kennedy, Harry Tipper, David Garfinkel, Helen Woodward, Peter Stone, John Starr Hewitt, Michel Fortin, Arthur Holmes, Bob Bly, Humphrey M. Bourne , Harlan Kilstein, Ruth Leigh, Mark Joyner,  John E. Kennedy, Drayton Bird

Any One Of These "Win-Smart" Secrets Could Easily Make You $20,000... $50,000... Even $100,000 Richer, This Year Alone!

    From The Desk Of Daniel A. Levis
    Re: Masters Of Copywriting 2013

    Dear Marketing Opportunist,

   6 MONTHS FROM NOW, TOPS, you could easily join the ranks of the full time copywriters and marketers who consistently bag blockbuster results from virtually every piece of copy they write... Or you could still be scratching your head, wondering why your ads, sales letters, and emails fail to bring back the hoard of cash you crave...

    The choice is yours.

"Gritty, Organic!"

"Daniel, you've done an admirable job of getting some of the gritty, organic thinking processes that really skilled copywriters have in their heads when they sit down to write.

Timothy Warnock, for example - I didn't even know who the guy was. Great interview though - and his take on Sigmund Freud was right on the money."

Perry Marshall
Author, The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

    What you are about to discover, right here on this website, can make that difference. But what's even more important is the incredible leverage you'll enjoy.

    You can attain massive levels of income without employees, without capital, and without the hassles that go along with operating a traditional business, when you have this knowledge.  You can choose to live wherever you please, move wherever you want on a whim, and travel extensively without missing a beat. That's how powerful this really is.

    Let me tell you the story... For years I made my living in face to face selling. Office politics, bone headed sales managers, the daily commute. The money was great, but the lifestyle sucked. Until one day.

    That's when I discovered I could sell things in absentia (without being there). I could send my words, and that was enough. Immediately my life changed.

"Could I have stumbled upon
the philosopher's stone?"

    The philosopher's stone is like gold you know. Actually it's even better. Gold is a means to all wealth, but the philosopher's stone is a means to all ends, a universal means.

     And it's lying around for the taking.     

    All you need to do is recognize it, and learn how to use it. It's a common substance, found everywhere but unseen and unappreciated.

    Needless to say I made a resolve to learn all that I could about this philosopher's stone. If there was a book on copywriting, I bought it, and devoured it.

    And here's what I discovered.

A Single, Simple Secret Of Wealth...

    There are no new ideas, only new combinations of old ideas. The same immutable laws of human nature have lurked behind every event, every human action, and thought, regardless of external circumstances since the dawn of time.    

"Success Leaves Clues!"

"I love to study other successful people and learn their innermost secrets .

Daniel proves he's better than Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Jerry Springer combined in getting a number of top copywriters to let it all hang out."

David Garfinkel
Editor, World Copywriting Institute

    Once you accept this fact, everything changes.

    You no longer struggle with creativity, or blindly imitate. Your mind is free to see past the veil of time and circumstance... right to the core of things.

    Now you mold and adapt with the greatest of ease, because you've finally found those common underlying threads that have existed all along, hidden from view. It's what Dan Kennedy calls "finding the commonalities".

     Flash back to 1924... you're thumbing through the Times, scanning the headlines, when this one jumps off the page and grabs you by the throat...

"This is Marie Antoinette
Riding To Her Death"

     You don't know it yet, but just the day before... you met the man behind the headline over a Cuban cigar and a glass of port. It was in a cafe off Fifth Avenue, in the silk stocking district of Manhattan.

    At that very meeting, you and a young Bruce Barton both took your place in history... by agreeing to take part in a controversial experiment called "Masters Of Copywriting"...    

    Of course Bruce Barton and O.A. Owen were just two of the contributors J. George Frederick called in for the original "Masters Of Copywriting". There were 25 in all, people like Kenneth Goode and Charles Addison Parker... all of the brightest minds of the day.

    Details are sketchy, but rumor has it J. George worked along side John E. Kennedy at Lord & Thomas in the heady early days of "reason why".

    Flash back again to 1906... you're cloistered in the Fairbanks Saloon, sipping fine French Cognac. The gentlemen across the table retorts, "J. George, what do you think of all this 'reason why' propaganda?"

    "Oh to be a fly on the wall at Lord & Thomas right now", he stammers. "I've heard Kennedy's latest campaign brought 1547 INQUIRIES... in the first 7 days!"

    You choke on your Cognac and sputter... "What is it about this 'reason why' that's fulfilling these men with such intoxicating wealth?"

    Kennedy mysteriously disappeared later that year   at the height of his success. Nobody knows quite why, but Lord & Thomas didn't hesitate to fill his shoes with another "reason why" disciple by the name of Claude C. Hopkins... at $185,000 a year! That's when $1 was worth $11.

"Is It Immoral To Make
Money This Easily?"

    Indeed, what were the secrets behind "reason why"? And how do modern day rainmakers go about "finding the commonalities"?

    I'll give you some clues...

    The original Masters Of Copywriting text begins by taking you on a fascinating magic carpet ride across the advertising sands of time, dating back 25,000 years to the caves of France, through ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Dark Ages... from the town criers to handbills and medieval publicity stunts... from newspapers and periodicals to the coffee house haunts of the first Admen of the 18th Century... from Ben Franklin's "General Magazine", to Bonner and Barnum... from patent medicine and the nostrums to "Printer's Ink"... from Albert Lasker and Lord & Thomas to John E. Kennedy and the birth of "reason why"...

And then you'll discover...

Frank Irving Fletcher

  • How to convey more meaning with fewer words and use white space effectively. (Page 47)

George Lewis Dyer

  • How to inject character and personality into your copy to grab readership and response. (Page 56)

Bruce Barton (the seminal origins of his best selling work "The Man Nobody Knows")

  • How to infuse a piece of copy with "human interest" and boost replies 8 times! (Page 63)
  • Three little known response-boosting secrets that built untold fortune. (And how to draw from a vast "virtually untapped" storehouse of powerful examples of these potent principles...) (Page 64)
  • How to expand sales cheaply and profitably by cooperating with your competition. (Page 68)

Theodore F. MacManus

  • Should you appeal to virtue or vice in your copy? Which system yields the more profitable result? (Page 73)
  • How to use the power of suggestion to inspire trust, and an aura of quality and sincerity that automatically inspires sales. (Page 79)
  • How to float "artless" suggestions that are accepted without resistance or resentment. (Page 79)
  • How to create mental anchors in the minds of your buyers, while building long-term good will and reputation... (Page 83)

James Wallen

  • Who was it that said, "reasons come afterward, but at first a thing pleases or shocks me without me knowing the reason", and why is this idea so critical to producing profitable advertising? (Page 89)
  • How to make your copy more alluring... by borrowing the emotion arousing tricks of the great novelists. (Page 92)
  • How to forsake the realm of fact to better tell the truth... why facts tell and stories sell. (Page 95)

Claude C. Hopkins

  • The astonishing billion-dollar secret a 12-year boy learned selling silver polish door to door. (Page 111)
  • Three elements most often overlooked when offering inducements, but proven to unlock increased response... plus a way to describe a premium that boosts replies 4 fold! (Page 112)
  • A deceptively simple trick for generating double-digit response with multi-step campaigns... and why never to talk mechanics with women. (Page 113)
  • How an inexpensive piece of "theatre" brought one hundred thousand women through the door in just one week... to buy vegetable shortening! (Page 113)

Richard A. Foley

  • How to dig for the "story" in a product or service. (Page 132)
  • How to create a perception of naturalness and sincerity by replacing adjectives with verbs. (Page 138)
  • How to plant the urge to buy now through suggestion versus blatant command. (Page 139)
  • Three response killing things to avoid in your copy, and why hard writing, makes easy reading. (Page 142)

J. George Frederick

"Nothing Short Of A Masterpiece!"

"Well you've gone and done it again. You've put together nothing short of a masterpiece. As a full time Internet marketer for the past 9 years I am always looking for new ideas to help keep my copywriting skills razor sharp.

In just one sitting I found idea after idea after idea. Thanks for putting this package together, and thanks for giving me tools that will be of use to me today, tommorow, and even years down the road."

Frank Garon
Internet Cash Planet

  • How to make facts interesting. (Page 148)
  • 76 qualifying questions to draw your attention to the particulars of any selling situation. (Page 150)
  • The 12 critical things you must understand about your buyer before writing copy. (Page 155)
  • 10 advertising copy tests. (Page 156)
  • 6 research angles to determine how to best position a product, and how to shape it to better-fit market conditions. (Page 157)
  • How to rank selling appeals in order of buyer importance. (Page 162)
  • 16 copywriting strategies, and how to use them to win wider distribution. (Page 168)

Kenneth M. Goode

  • Why copy is the engine of marketing, not research, not placement, not graphic design, copy! (Page 183)
  • How much are you really paying per word to reach your market? (Page 185)
  • Why successful copy is like good golf... and how to step out of your ego when writing it. (Page 190)

F.R. Feland

  • 3 ways to get more of your copy read. (Page 195)
  • The one emotion you should always give the imaginary prospect sitting across the desk from you. (Page 200)
  • How to harness the power of controversy in your headlines. (Page 202)
  • How to use "telegraphing" to draw more readers into your ad. (Page 203)
  • The three classes of goods and how to approach each with your copy. (Page 204)

J.K. Fraser

  • 46 copy don'ts. (Page 207)

Charles Addison Parker

  • The essence of honest "hype". What it is, and why it sells. (Page 211)
  • Give them this in the first 20 words, and you'll have them glued to your sales letter right through to the P.S. Find out what it is on Page 218.

Christine Frederick

  • Is there such a thing as an average women...? How can you know her? (Page 228)
  • How to portrait women effectively in advertising. (Page 231)
  • How to get existing customers to place large orders and re purchase more frequently. Women in particular are red ripe for this. (Page 236)

O.A. Owen

  • 11 ways to make your copy more believable. Use these little known tactics to slip under your buyers "tripe" radar. (Page 245)

Harry E. Cleland

  • How to appeal to the emotions in technical copy. (Page 265)
  • Why the element of surprise is your secret weapon when selling to businesses, and how to use contrast to drive home ideas. (Page 266)
  • The very first place you should look for appeals that will motivate business buyers. (Page 266)
  • 5 response-killing bugbears to look for when editing technical copy. (Page 267)
  • How to make your headlines spring to life with imagery. (Use this secret, and your reader can't help but visualize the object of his or her desire in your copy almost instantly!) (Page 268)

Wilbur D. Nesbitt

  • How to use drama, color, word pictures, and history to secure the readers attention. (Page 275)
  • How to generate interest by projecting your own sincerity, and conviction onto the page. (Page 276)
  • How to use a series of congruent ads effectively to ratchet up your conversion rate. (Page 278)
  • How to pump contagious belief into your writing... giving your advertising a friendliness that begets trust... (Page 282)

Harry Tipper

  • 4 elements of productive copy... as vital as earth, water, fire, and air... but frequently overlooked. (Page 290)

Helen Woodward

  • 3 secrets to selling books on installment that made Mark Twain a best seller... (Page 303)

John Starr Hewitt

  • 4 essential tools for the copywriter's workbench. (Page 314)
  • How to read public opinion and current events into your copy to boost replies. (Page 317)
  • How to rivet your reader's attention, bringing mundane details to life with poetry, romance, and drama. (Page 319)
  • What does sub-vocalization have to do with copywriting? Everything if you want to snuggle up to your reader's ear... and glide your sales message home instantly. Find out how on Page 323.

Arthur Holmes

  • How to capitalize on the fundamental law of man's psychic nature. (Page 328)
  • 2 involuntary impulses of the eye that you can use to attract immediate attention to your sales message... and the secret to holding that kind of attention once you've got it. (Page 333)
  • Why human instincts respond to "objects of certain class"... and how the point of your pen can prick them to active life.

Humphrey M. Bourne

  • Do you need a picture with your headline? Take the page turning test on page 349.
  • The secret ingredient to slip into your lead (opening paragraph) found on page 422 that builds trust instantly... hint, it also un sells her on what she's doing now as an added bonus!

Ruth Leigh

  • 9 secrets of successful retail advertising. (Page 429)


Quality Of This Resource!"

"I am presently involved in two big copywriting projects; one aimed at selling hundreds of pieces of medical equipment at $70,000 each, and the other aimed at persuading millionaires to place tens of millions of dollars in several different oil and gas development projects.

Without doubt, MASTERS OF COPYWRITING has helped me write these letters and helped me make them more powerful, more persuasive, and more compelling.

The insights of Bruce Barton and Theodore MacManus alone are worth 100 times what you charge."

Russell J. Martino Ph.D.

    OK, there you have it, 26 old masters with lessons galore to make you a better copywriter, and exclusive interviews with 18 of the most brilliant wordsmiths alive!

What you've seen so far is just a small sampling of what a select group of shrewd young Turks have already discovered...

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"Reason Why Advertising"
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Here's the bizarre note John E. Kennedy sent up the stairs to Albert Lasker of Lord & Thomas in 1905...

"I am in the saloon downstairs. I can tell you what advertising is. I know you don't know. It will mean much to me to have you know what it is, and it will mean much to you. If you wish to know what advertising is, send the word 'yes' down by the bellboy."

Signed, John Kennedy

John Kennedy's timeless "Reason Why Advertising" has launched a thousand fortunes. It's long out of print, and difficult to find... but you can download your copy in pdf format right here, and start reaping its timeless wisdom by this time tomorrow.

Big Extra #2
"Yanik Silver Exposed"
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Discover the behind the scenes facts surrounding Silver's shocking Public Domain Goldmine money grab in this exclusive 42-minute audio interview on mp3.

Learn the astonishingly simple secrets this modern day Houdini used to levitate more than $44,000 out of his grateful clients pockets in less than 24 hours. For information it cost him nothing to acquire. Incredible!

Big Extra #3
"Copy Critique Certificate!"
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You've just finished giving blood at the keyboard. Does your copy need a cold, hard, expert stare before you invest in media? Or maybe you've got a piece that's already falling flat? Either way - let me pour over your copy and point out areas of weakness, and give you ideas to strengthen its pulling power.

I'll give you a fully baked 3 page Executive Summary full of conversion inducing tips that will increase your sales, sometimes dramatically...! If your copy receives wide exposure, that could easily mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket, couldn't it?

Look what one of our members had to say...

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"Daniel, I wanted to give you some feedback
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 -- Trevor Ainsworth, Adelaide Australia

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"Brand Savvy Direct Response!"
with Alan Forrest Smith
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Crazed hairdresser turned copywriting hired gun reveals his devastating USP secrets.

How to instantly differentiate your business for blockbuster results... This 60-minute audio interview on mp3 lays bare the high impact differentiation style of top copywriter Alan Forrest Smith.

Listen in as Alan discusses his simple but highly effective tactics for concocting unusual promotional cocktails that blend brand advertising with direct response.

Big Extra #5
"Interview With Peter Stone"

Here's what Jim Van Wyck had to say about this interview.

"Tiger Woods has ordinary days on the golf course, days when he's really hot, and then there are the rare times when the Golfing Gods touch him... and those rare moments are transcendent times.

May I humbly suggest Peter Stone had "one of those days" last Tuesday? It's the best hour I've ever heard on "The Inner Game Of Copywriting".

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"Beyond Marketing Mind Control" Interview with Mark Joyner
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You now have 3 seconds to make the sale!
These are the new facts you need to know...

Veteren Internet direct response tactician Mark Joyner unfolds the bold new strategies of "The Irresistable Offer", which are the antithesis of those put forward in his best selling landmark treatise "Marketing Mind Control".

Join Mark and myself as we discuss his brilliant new insights for combating the growing consumer attention deficit crisis that threatens to consume marketers who fail to adapt to a brave new world where the sum total of human knowledge is doubling every year.

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"b2b Bonanza with Bob Bly"
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Be a fly on the wall while I grill Bob privately for 45 minutes, specifically about copywriting in business to business markets.

You'll learn what it takes to market in this space with supreme competence and confidence... expanding your influence... and grabbing more than your fair share of this amazingly lucrative $6.5 trillion market.

Discover the million dollar secret to out-marketing 99% of your competition with amazingly effective low cost guerilla marketing strategies that fill your lead sheets with HOT, cash-in-hand prospects for lucrative b2b products and services.

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"A Million Dollars in 1 DAY"
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72 minutes of intense no-holds-barred tactical wizardry from Michel Fortin, one of the most prolific and talented young writers on the planet!

Unleash the forbidden secrets that allowed a simple two page website to extract over a million dollars in online sales in just 24 hours ...

Michel rarely grants interviews, so this special additional bonus interview is especially valuable. The response boosting insights he reveals freely on this one of a kind mp3 recording are a dead lock cinch to rocket your sales and profits!

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As an esteemed member of my Persuasion Mastery Club, e
ach month you'll receive a raw unedited mp3 recording and transcript of me interrogating one of the world's most knowledgeable communications experts.

And to help you implement what you learn, you will also receive my Advanced Secrets of Human Nature and Applied Psychology premium e-Letter. These are my detailed application notes explaining exactly how I am using the insights gained from these experts to make serious money in this exciting business. And how you can too.

This is advanced stuff. Admittedly, it's not for everyone. So I'm offering it on a try-before-you-buy basis. Normally, Persuasion Mastery Club membership is $78 per month, but when you pull the trigger on Masters of Copywriting 2013 today you get the first month free.

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Here's exactly what you get...

  • The 393 pages of response boosting copywriting secrets contained in the original "Masters Of Copywriting" text (pdf). This is the exact 'sacred text" others have gladly paid hundreds for, not one in a thousand marketers even knows it exists!
  • The fully searchable "Masters Of Copywriting 2013" interviews with John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Joe Vitale, David Deutsch, Joe Sugarman, Alan Forrest Smith, Timothy Warnock, Harlan Kilstein, Clayton Makepeace, David Garfinkel, Scott Haines, Richard Armstrong, John Forde, Drayton Bird, Jim Punkre, and yours truly (pdf). Believe me, dragging this kind of talent away from operation money suck long enough to extract these exclusive interviews was tough. What they have to teach you can give you an unfair advantage in the world of direct response. I guarantee it! for a limited time these 9 big extras worth $756!

  • Big Extra # 1 - "Reason Why Advertising" by John E. Kennedy (pdf)
  • Big Extra # 2 - "Yanik Silver Exposed" (mp3)
  • Big Extra # 3 - "Copy Critique Certificate" (pdf)
  • Big Extra # 4 - "Brand Savvy Direct Response" with Alan Forrest Smith (mp3)
  • Big Extra # 5 - "Interview with Peter Stone" (pdf)
  • Big Extra # 6 - "Beyond Marketing Mind Control" with Mark Joyner (mp3)
  • Big Extra # 7 - "b2b Bonanza" with Bob Bly (mp3)
  • Big Extra # 8 - "A Million Dollars in 1 DAY!" with Michel Fortin (mp3)
  • Big Extra # 9 - "A free month's membership in my exclusive "Persuasion Mastery Club" 

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Joe Vitale gave me a copy when I spoke at his Hypnotic Selling Secrets workshop. But I'm not asking for a refund because the bonuses are easily worth what I paid for the entire package. This is an excellent deal and I'd happily promote it to my customers and subscribers."

Bill Hibbler
Ecommerce Condifential
Tips, Tricks, and Brutally Honest Product and Service Reviews

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Jeff Smith 

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